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A Screenshot is Worth a Thousand Words

Posted by Neil on 2018 Jan 29th

A screenshot is worth a thousand wordsyosemite capture specific windowNow that Macs are so common in households (and more and more offices everyday) you may find yourself needing to share what’s on yo … read more

Laptops in the Classroom

Posted by Sol on 2018 Jan 29th

When I’m not out helping Mac Zen clients, I work 9-5 at a local tech company called Kano/Apps. It’s a great place to work for many reasons, but one of my favourite things about it is the sheer amount … read more

The Real Threat to Your Privacy and Security

Posted by Aitan on 2018 Jan 29th

In the last few days I've been shocked by how many scams I've seen people fall prey to. Even when their haven't been compromised, people are terrified that they have been taken advantage of. Over the … read more

Apple Music & Holiday Playlists

Posted by Sol on 2017 Dec 19th

The first sign of an impending holiday season has to be Christmas music. If you turn on the radio the morning after Thanksgiving, chances are you’ll be humming Good King Wenceslas midway through makin … read more

How to Easily Print Your Photos at London Drugs

Posted by Neil on 2017 Dec 19th

One of the best things about the evolution of technology is that most of us now have a great camera right in our pocket or purse. These allow us to capture fleeting moments in photographs that we migh … read more