Secure remote IT support for your Mac, in real time

Remote Mac Support

Your iMac works simply, beautifully, and always as expected.

Until it doesn't.

At the exact moment that you need it the most - just days before your big presentation, just as you were getting your taxes in order, right in the middle of creating that epic playlist - something goes amiss but you are not quite sure what it is. Is it the hardware? Is it your network? Was it the last update you installed? All you know is that your deadline is looming, and you need this to be resolved urgently.

TeamViewer has revolutionized how Mac Zen offers remote IT support, helping you investigate, troubleshoot, and fix your problem. Once you have downloaded the software, and we have connected via a secure one-time password, we can operate your iMac or MacBook as if we were right beside you. TeamViewer employs industry-standard levels of encryption and security authentication to ensure your data and access to your network remains off-limits to anyone but you and your Mac Zen technician.

We see what you see and operate your computer as though it is sitting on our desk, all while we’re on the phone with you. We use Screen Sharing to show you what we see, teach you how to solve issues that arise, set up new accounts and connect new devices. We show you how to get the most out of your family of Mac devices.

Typical issues Mac Zen assists with:

  • Troubleshooting unexpected or ongoing issues with your Mac
  • Resolving email issues
  • Addressing Performance issues
  • Addressing adware, scams, and suspicious messages
  • Software installation troubleshooting

How our remote support works:

  • When you have an issue, please provide us with as many details as you can using this form. If possible, please upload screen shots of anything that may seem significant.
  • We will contact you in a timely manner and gather any missing information we need to assess the situation.
  • We will establish whether we can help you, if we are able to assist right away, or if we need to schedule another time to assist.
  • We will solve the issue you are having.
  • You will cheer and breathe a sigh of relief.

In most situations we will need to connect to your Mac remotely to see or work on the problem. For this we use TeamViewer, a highly secure application that connects us to your computer only when you authorize us to. Every time TeamViewer runs, a new password is automatically generated, so a remote connection cannot be made to your computer twice using the same login information.

While you are waiting for your support from Mac Zen, we welcome you to:

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport

Read these brief instructions on Installing and Using Team Viewer QuickSupport for Macs