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Denise Clowater

Denise Clowater

Administrative Assistant

Denise has had a life- long passion for assisting and communicating with people. She has worked in a variety of companies that have promoted extra care and down to earth service.

She works directly with Aitan as his assistant and enjoys keeping him organized and on track to give him the ability to use his fantastic technical skills for his clients. She also works in client care booking and general customer service.

Denise has used a Mac computer many years but leaves the technical aspect to the professionals at MacZen.

Denise is a bit of a renegade and has been involved in the Tiny House movement for some time. She is deeply rooted in her spirituality and a trained Yoga Therapist. She finds lessons in all experiences and when not working she can be found spending time being creative, gardening, doing yoga and taking care of her fur babies. She is excited to be part of a dynamic caring team.