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As is common in the IT world, we originally contacted Aitan with immediate needs including a sudden death of the hard drive on our main iMac. Aitan and his team were able to fit us in and quickly assist in getting us up and running again with a reasonable solution. After that positive experience, and knowing it was time for a system upgrade, we worked with Mac Zen on the best hardware solutions for our needs, they offered good suggestions and implemented all smoothly. Mac Zen turns a stressful situation into a calm solution-oriented one in no time.

-Jodie Webb, Autonomous Furniture

Aitan is a thoughtful, skilled professional who has managed Dance Victoria’s computer and IT needs for several years.

He has transitioned our small but mighty team through various computer system upgrades and suggested creative solutions for our unique and changing demands as our organization grows. We rely on Aitan’s expertise and considered approach to ensure our computer systems work smoothly and efficiently.

-Shireen McNeilage, Dance Victoria

Reliable and sound advice and expertise. Having Mac Zen is like having a great dedicated tech team without the heavy overhead. The team will truly bring zen-like peace of mind when it comes to keeping your business secure and running 24/7.

-Neil Tran, Owner, LeapXD

We have worked with Mac Zen for many years. Aitan is professional, efficient, friendly and very good at what he does. We feel very lucky to have Aitan in our corner to help us with all of our computer and tech needs, including sourcing and setting up equipment, technical challenges and general maintenance. We have recommended Mac Zen to various friends and family, and will continue to do so - Aitan is a pleasure to work with!

-Micayla Hayes, Owner/President, The London Chef

Mac Zen was truly instrumental in the development and execution of the network and onsite server in our new location. From the months of planning to the final installation Aitan and Mac Zen were crucial to our networking needs, helping us plan all aspects of the project.

-Jamie Lamb, General Manager, Metropol

Aitan has been supporting Passive House Canada for several years with everything ‘IT’ and beyond. He has expertly and professionally navigated our needs both remotely and on site with everything from complicated troubleshooting to providing us all the equipment for our needs. Aitan, and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with and we are grateful for his services.

-Deborah Knopp, Passivehouse Canada

We really appreciate the service that Aitan has provided. He is able to understand our priorities and find the best option to meet our needs. He can even show us options to improve our infrastructure beyond what we had hoped for.

-Will King, Principal, Waymark Architecture

We have worked exclusively with Aitan and MacZen for the last seven years to purchase, set up, maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot the many MAC hardware and software solutions that support our commercial interior design studio. Throughout that time, we have come to rely on his team’s multi-faceted expertise and encyclopaedic technical knowledge, with expeditious responses, as well as an ability to prioritize long term capital expenditures, better utilize the products we already have on hand and upgrade various hardware to extend the lifespan. Aitan is honest, measured, patient and engaged. We endorse him and his team wholeheartedly.

-Ann Squires Ferguson, CEO Western Design+Build

I have personally worked with Aitan for over 15 years. I have appointed Aitan as the IT specialist for all our personal and company needs. His understanding of issues is thorough; his commitment to go the extra mile is invaluable and his willingness to step in and be there when needed is critical assuring the reliability of our systems.

-Peter Schnabel, CEO, Cavu Designwerks

We always rely on MAC ZEN to provide us with prompt service. They have consistently stepped up to the plate to oversee our mixed environment of Apple/MAC systems, VOIP, and Google applications. They have offered unmatched customer service that results in minimized downtime and disruption. We have peace of mind knowing their team of experts is behind us.

-Lori Appleton, Yellowsheet Construction

At Mac Zen. we commit to creating an IT support experience that surpasses your expectations. We thank our clients who have taken the time to write down their feedback and commendations. If you have any thoughts to share with us regarding your Mac Zen experience, we look forward to hearing from you too. Please send your comments via our contact form.

Douglas F.

"It’s been a week since my spouse’s Mac Pro laptop crashed with a damaged hard drive. We were very distressed and frustrated. Trying to find Mac support that we felt we could trust appeared daunting. Our search lead us to Mac Zen. Aitan, you came to our home and addressed our needs effectively & efficiently. Your knowledge and personality are so appreciated after the stress brought on by a computer turned paperweight. We will definitely be coming back to Mac Zen for more support, and future Apple needs. Thank you. Also thanks to Heidi Smith for her welcoming tone. Linda’s computer is much faster with the new SSD drive. She’s HAPPY."

Alan Perry

"If you're an individual or business wanting Apple-product related advice or assistance, I have no hesitation in recommending Aitan.

He joins me once a month on "Tech Talk" on C-FAX 1070 Radio, and is brilliant not only at solving tech problems for listeners in a language they can understand, but also goes the extra mile to assist them.

He really understands customer service, and has a genuine desire to provide people with solutions that meet their needs, and doesn't try to sell them products or services they don't need.

Numerous people who've contacted him for help or advice after hearing him on the show have taken time to call or email me afterwards to tell me how pleased they've been with his work, and that speaks volumes."

—Alan Perry, Talkshow Producer and "Tech Talk" host, C-FAX 1070 Radio

Rayola Creative

"Aitan came to our office and fixed a software permissions problem on my Mac which had bedevilled me for over a year. He has great technical skills, a deep understanding of the inner workings of the Mac OS, and it was a pleasure talking shop with him while he worked on my machine. I highly recommend his services." 

—Clint Hutzulak, Rayola Creative 

The Deliberation Network 

"Our business runs on Apple computers. Aitan has advised us on technology purchases, serviced our systems, and provided emergency trouble-shooting with excellent results. We consider Aitan to be "part of our team"." 

—Lynelle Spring — The Deliberation Network 

Dave T.

"It's a pleasure to recommend Aitan's work. He's always professional and thorough and he's constantly working to come up with ways to make things work better. He's been a real asset to our group both as a volunteer and as a consultant." 

—Dave T. — Writer & Editor 

Suzanne Mir 

Personable, able, knowledgeable and great communicator. Could not ask for more from a technician and advisor." 

—Suzanne M. — Artist 

Francine S. 

"Aitan is a top notch professional, a winning combination of technical expertise and practical implementation. Aitan succeeds at making the most complex computing issues, understandable. I would recommend his consulting services to individuals as well as businesses in search of outstanding computer support." 

—Francine S. — Independent Marketing Professional  

South Island Studio 

"Aitan has kept my music studio and family Macs running flawlessly for over two years. Networking, back-up, rebuilding, and transferring over old to new machines, He's very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him." 

—Lonny Koch — Owner, South Island Studio 

The London Chef 

"I am a new business owner and a computer novice.  As such, Aitan has been my hero on many occasions over the past few months!  With friendly and efficient service, reasonable rates, a flexible schedule, and a big smile, Aitan's services have proven to be a great addition to our business. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Aitan to my colleagues, family or friends with complete confidence that he would offer them the same stellar experience." 

—Micayla Hayes, The London Chef 

Jim S. 

"Aitan brings three invaluable assets to his work helping ordinary people find their way through the world of modern computer technology. 

First he has encyclopedic knowledge of the subject. This is rare. Second, he can communicate in a reasonable, effective manner with people like me who learn slowly. This is very rare. Third, he is a really good person, fair in every way, and a joy to work with. 

All these in one person make him a terrific find. I recommend him without hesitation as the best computer support person I have ever found, by far." 

—Jim S. — Psychologist 

Max W. 

"Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your help overcoming my fears and phobias with the Apple computer over these past months. As you know I was an average PC user who ended up with an Apple. It didn't take long for me to become frustrated with it and almost go back to my PC. Lucky for me a friend recommended you. 

Your knowledge of the Apple seems unending and even more importantly your ability to communicate this knowledge in a way that is clear and logical is a huge asset. You always spotted when something was not registering with me and quietly reworked the presentation in another way so that it became clear before you went on. 

Those of us who did not grow up with computers  need a special tutor who not only is a computer expert but one who can teach, not a common talent my friend but you have it! 

I am still learning and  will be for a long time to come,but that learning is made a lot easier with the sound groundwork which you laid in those first two sessions. 

Thanks Aitan, I wish you well in all you do." 

—Max F.