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Remote iOS Support

Now get remote support through screen sharing with your iPhone and iPad

Your iPhones and iPads are not just mobile computers. They are your world in your hands. Your Apple devices are your personal assistant, your social spaces, your concierge, your fitness trainer, your e-wallet, your news source, your information oracle, your remote office. When your devices misbehave, your connection to virtually everything you do goes down too.

Sometimes handing over your device to be fixed, even for a short period of time, can make you feel uneasy, like a part of you is missing. Together we can resolve your problems without ever having to hold your device in person.

Using Team Viewer, our trusted remote support platform, your iPhone or iPad remains in your hands as we determine the cause and help resolve the problem. Through an encrypted connection that employs a comparable level of security used to protect your financial information, we can securely oversee operation of your device. With our guidance and your input, together we find and implement a solution.

Typical issues Mac Zen assists with:

  • Email Setup on iPhones and iPads
  • How to organize your home screen
  • How to move files between apps
  • Managing Passwords
  • iCloud Setup and Syncing
  • Syncing Contacts
  • Managing Photos
  • Freeing up space

How our remote support works:

  • When you have an issue, please provide us with as many details as you can using this form. If possible, please upload screen shots of anything that may seem significant.
  • We will contact you in a timely manner and gather any missing information we need to assess the situation.
  • We will establish whether we can help you, if we are able to assist right away, or if we need to schedule another time to assist.
  • We will solve the issue you are having.
  • You will cheer and breathe a sigh of relief.

In most situations we will need to connect to your iOS device remotely to see or work on the problem. For this we use TeamViewer, a highly secure application that connects us to your device only when you authorize us to. Every time TeamViewer runs, a new password is automatically generated, so a remote connection cannot be made to your computer twice using the same login information.

While you are waiting for your support from Mac Zen, we welcome you to:

Download the TeamViewer software.

Read these brief instructions on Installing and Using Team Viewer QuickSupport for iOS