Fall in love with your Mac all over again.


In-home IT support that makes the most of your residential network

We think that working and creating on your Mac should be a fun and productive experience, no matter how comfortable you are with computers. That’s why we offer hands-off coaching that helps you understand not just what to do, but how things work — so you can get things done without consulting a manual.

We’ve worked with hundreds of people in Victoria on everything from email problems, to backing up important files, to making a photo book to celebrate your niece’s bat mitzvah. Get started by choosing one of our frequently requested packages or get in touch to set up your own custom session.

Explore Our Residential Onsite Services:

  • Performance & Troubleshooting
  • Backup & Protection
  • Full-Service Computer Setup & Installation

Home Performance & Troubleshooting

Slow Wi-Fi or home computer? You deserve the best possible.

Even the fastest Mac can bog down in the face of old age or spotty wi-fi, and sometimes it's so gradual you don't even notice. In a quick visit, we could give you 20-30% quicker internet and a faster start up time. Those few minutes can add up to reading a book, watching a movie, or hanging out with the kids.

Wi-Fi Tune up

  • Internet cutting in and out?
  • Did you recently move?
  • Netflix or Apple TV slow?

Did you know that things like your wireless home phone, refrigerator and even microwave can affect your home Wi-Fi? Modern homes with concrete construction or in-floor heating can also make it tough to get signal to different parts of your house.

Older machines or routers can also drag down the speed of your faster, newer devices, or may be too low-power for a new home. Certain settings, like your Domain Name Server options, may not be ideally set and can make websites load slowly.

We start by doing a brief audit of your existing setup, so we can highlight anything that might be interfering. Then, we dive into your router settings and physical locations to look for ways we can speed things up. If we recommend any additional devices, we can also set those up and configure them for you. Finally, we'll give you a report of your passwords, what goes where, and test everything thoroughly.

Mac Cleanup & Speedup

  • Taking forever to start up?
  • Applications frustratingly slow?
  • Running out of storage space?

Problems like this are sometimes caused by all sorts of old settings and logs that take up space on your machine. A full hard drive can also contribute by taking up virtual memory — the space your Mac needs to think. Crashes and misbehaving applications can also stop things in the middle of writing, leaving half-finished files lying around.

Your machine might also have older hardware that’s struggling to keep up with the latest websites and applications, but since they rarely list system requirements, it can be hard to know whether you need to make a change!

First, we want to know what kind of issues you're running into. Our second step is to use our diagnostic tools to dig into the details of your current setup, and the overall health of your system. From there, we can delete old cache files, unused applications, and plugins, and make recommendations around replacing old or failing parts.

Backup Protection For Your Household

Your data matters. Ensure its protection

Backup + support = peace of mind

We all have files stored on our devices that are irreplaceable: family photos or videos, business documents, tax records, or a priceless music collection. And it's never pleasant thinking about the worst-case scenario if you were to lose any of these files. Backing up the things that matter doesn't have to be confusing, difficult or tough to remember. When you have a good system, it's automatic — you can set it and forget it.

Mac Zen offers a host of storage solutions customized to accommodate all your precious digital files. Depending on how much storage you need and what type of Mac device(s) you have, we have a solution that is the perfect fit. You can even combine your backup drive package with remote IT support services so that we can help you navigate your newly updated system.

Choose your optimal solutions for backup and support

Full-Service Computer Setup & Installation

Get up and running with minimal hassle and downtime.

Home Installation & Setup — Have your Apple equipment setup just how you need it.

Which Mac is right for me?

Buying a new computer can be daunting. There are so many options it’s hard to know what to choose! Laptop, desktop, regular, Air or Pro?

Together, we find answers to all the questions that count. What do you want to do with your Mac? What kind of programs do you use, or would like to learn? What kinds of files do you have to store and manage?

Once we know what you need, we draw on our experience to recommend the perfect machine for you — the best fit for price, speed, and capacity.

What else do I need?

Are you switching from an older Mac or PC? Rather than transferring over any cruft, we can help you start fresh and bring over only what you need. Avoiding copying old preference files and settings can save you lots of support costs and headaches down the road.

A new computer is often more than the machine. We can help choose a printer, backup, extra storage, warranty and more — and we promise it’ll all work together smoothly.

So I have my new Apple device — now what?

Personalizing your new Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and getting it all working together is what we do. We’ll get you going on email, iCloud, Skype, and everything else.

You’ll also get our help getting your new machine to sync up with your phone, iPad, and any existing systems you’ve got, like wi-fi or home audio.

We’ll also check back in with you to make sure everything’s still in great shape and follow up to recommend any important software updates or changes. Your new computer is our baby, too!

What do I do with my old devices?

Mac Zen partners with Bridges For Women Society, a local organization that provides tools, training and advocacy for women who have experienced trauma and abuse to transition into new careers. We decommission your old devices and donate them to BFWS. Your donation can help to change the path of a woman creating new economic opportunities for herself and her family.

Computing for the whole family

Make your Mac another member of the family.

Using computers as a family can be a much different experience than managing just one.

Whether it’s keeping email accounts or appointments organized, or knowing whose pictures and music is whose, the whole idea can be daunting. Buying a Mac means you’ve already got the best, industry-leading tools for working and playing as a family — so let us help you make the most of them.

  • Feel safe knowing your kids are safe to roam the internet.
  • Coordinate everyone’s schedules in one easy-to-use view.
  • Share music and movies between laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Keep everyone’s photos organized, as easily as uploading them.
  • Give each person their own space on the same shared Mac.
  • Everyone can print on one printer, from anywhere in the house.