Fall in love with your Mac all over again.

Scott Brady

Scott Brady

Apple Specialist

Coupled with an ongoing fascination for how things work, Scott has always had a naturally curious mind. Even as a child he occupied himself by repairing old and broken devices around the house as a hobby. From his elementary school years, Scott has fond memories of using the Macintosh Classic, though he grew up learning on IBM personal computers predominantly.

Attending UVic in 2006, and coinciding with Apple's release of their flagship Intel-based MacBook Pro, Scott inevitably made the plunge and transitioned his life over to Mac. It was an easy decision — the Intel system allowed him his choice of Apple's macOS, Microsoft Windows, and more. This was his full immersion into the Apple ecosystem, and since treading down that path he's never looked back.

In the time since, Scott has become a seasoned technology professional. He has worked in the Corporate IT sector for over 10 years, with subject knowledge spanning cyber security, systems virtualization, and cloud computing. Despite gravitating towards a career in sales, Scott's natural curiosity and practical IT skills convey a technical aptitude not often associated with salespeople. He remains insightful and conscientious — throughout his years of living abroad experiencing different cultures, and working in overseas markets at varying stages of IT maturity.

As a hobby, Scott builds his own server environments, and spends time on GitHub patching together custom solutions. Other hobbies outside of IT include reading, cooking, martial arts, sports, being out in wilderness untethered, and ongoing studies related to holistic health.