Fall in love with your Mac all over again.


Essential Services for Businesses of all sizes

Mac Zen brings together Apple and commercial cloud services, bringing your team support when and where they need it.

Data Protection and Security

Client personal records; taxes and accounting info; production and internal assets — your data is irreplaceable.

From password management policies, to thoughtful backup strategies, we give you the hardware, coaching and support documentation to maintain an optimal standard of protection. Mac Zen’s support packages offer backup maintenance & security reviews every three or six months.

  • Do your staff know how to make good passwords, and find them when they need them?
  • When was the last time you felt 100% confident and informed about your backups and server system?
  • Could you benefit from an overview of your company’s data protection policies?

Hardware Supply and Installation

  • What Apple products are the perfect fit for your business?
  • Is the latest and greatest iteration the best choice for the work you are doing?
  • Are you confident you are getting the best bang for your technology budget buck?
  • Is your productivity suffering because your team is struggling with your equipment?

Before you invest in new technology for your business, talk to us. Our complimentary pre-purchase consultation service will put you on the right track – for you, your staff, and your business needs as you grow. Once you have committed to your purchase, Mac Zen will take care of the rest:

  • Professional, worry-free installation
  • On-going, on-demand maintenance service

Plus, we help you keep track of equipment purchase dates and warranties. When equipment needs repair or warranty replacement, Mac Zen works with the manufacturer, facilitates service and handles return merchandise authorizations when you need them.

Priority Support

We know downtime hurts your business. Our commitment is to provide priority support to all our clients in a timely manner.

Pressing concern? We promise to respond within four hours to schedule an on-site or remote session — seven days a week.

Need help NOW? We'll be on the phone inside 90 minutes. We can offer remote support sessions within 8 hours and can book an on-site session in the next 24.

Our Commitment

Mac Zen is your single point of contact for all your infrastructure needs. We assign and inform a team specifically for you. We keep detailed records of the machines we work on and what was done. Our audit package lays out follow-up schedules, update/upgrade paths and cost expectations, so you can be confident that our work makes for a sound and valuable investment.

Performance Productivity and Training

Hardware Performance Review & Upgrades

You know when your network isn’t performing well. You know when your Macs run out of space. You know when team members complain about the availability of storage and network services. You know that you’re unprotected and that your data is scattered and unorganized across countless team member workstations. You know that your business cannot function smoothly when these pesky roadblocks encumber your productivity.

Engaging Mac Zen to optimize and manage your infrastructure can ensure that your team has a consistently well-tuned and well-maintained computing environment designed just for them—from the first person in the door to the last person burning the midnight oil from home.

We implement Apple-based workflows to get your team on track:

  • Summary and List of Assets
  • Software and Hardware Lifespan Assessment
  • 18 Month Service Calendar
  • 18 Month Expenditure Plan
  • Workstation Reports
  • Hardware Labelling
  • Performance Upgrade Path

At Mac Zen, we put people at the forefront of our service model, rather than the machines you use. Yes, we have the expert technical skills to resolve the computing issues you are encountering right now, but if you and your team don’t feel confident to identify or anticipate future issues and understand how you can optimize your tools to your advantage, we believe our work is incomplete.

We assess your team and their computing / information management environment and provide recommendations for training and workflow optimizations.

Workflow Discovery & Assessment

Through short management and team member interviews, our workflow discovery process assesses bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your workflows, and provides you with a report and estimate to optimize one or two key areas within your workflow and support your staff with a range of training and documentation options, such as online knowledge bases, and procedural documentation for file management and naming conventions.

Make Your Existing IT Department Mac Compatible

We pride ourselves on working closely with existing IT departments to augment their existing infrastructure and add Mac compatibility to their enterprise capabilities. Medium to large organizations often focus on providing technical support to their staff that is very Windows-centric, but cannot provide the same level of technical support to their Mac users.

Mac Zen's bolt-on approach to supporting existing IT departments with their deliverability is like a power up for any organization that wants to add Mac support without reinventing or diluting their core IT infrastructure—we maintain a level of professionalism and deference to your existing IT team."

On-Boarding & Decommissioning Team Members

Since most companies struggle with staff turnover at some point or another, our proactive approach to on-boarding and decommissioning team members is at the forefront of our education and adoption practices.

What’s more, because the On-Board / Decommission process is detailed and practiced, as a business owner you have a clear idea of how much it costs every time an employee comes on board or leaves—a cost factor largely overlooked by most businesses.

Read through our testimonials to find out how we’ve been able to help companies stay productive and informed on computing best practices within their organizations.

Collaboration and File Sharing

Working efficiently as a team requires your stakeholders’ accessibility to shared files when and where they need them. Mac Zen’s approach to collaboration and file sharing ensures a balance between your team’s requirements, data performance requirements, and the overall performance of your network infrastructure. We position ease of use, performance, and security at the forefront of your solutions, for both your short-term demands and long-term vision.

Our relationships with distributors and local vendors make Mac Zen the cornerstone in your company’s technology decisions and makes use of the best equipment and services available from manufacturers such as Apple, Western Digital, Connected Data, and many others.  Our big picture approach to optimizing your network infrastructure can alleviate many growing pains in your business:

  • Empower your individual team members and unify departments
  • Provide adoption strategies to ensure the success of your investment
  • Provide training and follow-up communication
  • Make best use of our common knowledge-based documentation, so you get the most out of your dollar
  • Provide thorough testing and maintenance procedures
  • Identify measurable outcomes to ensure the project is a success

All file server and infrastructure development will include a Network Audit as part of the proposal if this has not yet been undertaken. This process is designed to ensure that what you get is optimal for your company’s needs.

In your Network Audit, Mac Zen determines:

  • How quickly are you able to respond to an unforeseen event?
  • Do you have all the info you need to make the right call in an emergency?
  • What are the consequences of downtime?

Whether you are motivated by a recent disaster, or are proactively approaching your organization’s workflow, Mac Zen is your partner in technology for now and the future.