Fall in love with your Mac all over again.

Packaged Service Solutions

In our 10+ years providing expert Apple IT support, we have come to understand your most vexing questions. Our packaged service solutions are designed to answer these questions quickly, conveniently and affordably. We collaborate with you remotely using Team Viewer so that you can participate in creating the solution and learning some valuable tips about troubleshooting your Mac devices in the process.


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  • Migrate your email from one service to another. We help you move from providers like Shaw and Telus to other independent email service providers like iCloud and Gmail.

    Email migration to new service

    Most home and small business users at one time or another have used their internet service provider’s supplied email address to conduct their day-to-day correspondence.  While using your internet service provider’s email service to get...

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  • Up your Mac, iPad, and iPhone game with a tutoring package from Mac Zen

    Tutoring session 45 min

    Take 45 minutes out of your day, and expand your knowledge if your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Whatever makes you your most creative, or whatever project you want to take on, we’ll help you get started and focused on the steps to...

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  • Cleanup and tuneup your Mac. A little bit of storage assessment goes a long way. We will help you clean out obsolete system files that may be wasting space without your knowledge

    Remote clean-up/tune-up session

    We’ve taken some of the most often asked questions, and the most often performed tasks and compiled a set of cleanup tasks that can be done remotely and securely with our TeamViewer remote support platform.  An hour of your time online with us...

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