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Most home and small business users at one time or another have used their internet service provider’s supplied email address to conduct their day-to-day correspondence. 

While using your internet service provider’s email service to get through your day-to-day communication is easy to get started, there are a number of reasons to consider switching to either an icloud.com, gmail.com, outlook.com or personalised domain for your email: 

  • You will not be limited by your ISP’s 1GB email cap 
  • You will be able to retain all of your email in one place, and have all of your devices synced to it. Read an email in one place—presto, it’s marked as read everywhere else. 
  • You have been advised by Shaw or Telus that they are migrating you off their service 

We can assist you in this transition and make sure all of your existing email is carefully retained and transferred before shutting off the old server. 

Migrating away from your ISP to another standard email service takes on average 1.25 hours to complete, and may sometimes need to be broken up over two remote sessions. 

Setup and transfer to custom domains and hosting services takes a little longer. We can advise of the time, and any additional monthly charges when we connect.