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Aitan Roubini

Aitan Roubini, ACSP, ACTC

Owner, Senior Corporate & Residential Technical Support Specialist

Aitan is an Apple Certified Macintosh Specialist with considerable experience using all aspects of the Macintosh™ and iOS™ in the corporate, and residential field. Living and working with Macs exclusively and extensively, Aitan brings a unique insight into creating simple to advanced computing environments specific to your home and your business. He takes a great deal of pride in providing support and training to all levels of individual and professional users, and all age groups.

Specialising in the graphic and communication arts industry, Aitan's skill set is unique to most Apple consultants. With 24 years industry experience in print advertising, design production, web development and network infrastructure, Aitan can provide corporate clients with a cohesive response to their IT needs as relates to productivity, workflow, loss prevention and security.

Having his start with computers in the early 80's, Aitan feels strongly that proper computer education at a young age is essential to the development and opportunities available to today's children and teenagers. Aitan is committed to fostering the subject in the school system and is always willing and available to give talks to parents and students Grade 6-12.

Aitan is President of the Victoria Macintosh Users Group, an organization with 200+ members, where he gives monthly presentations on using Apple products and productivity. Aitan is also a regular guest host on Victoria's well known CFAX 1070AM's Tech Talk Saturday morning radio show, as their resident Apple expert.

Outside of Mac Zen, Aitan is a second-degree black-belt instructor in the traditional Japanese art of KoKoDo JuJutsu—an efficient and humane form of self-defense directly descended from a rich Samurai heritage. He operates a small dojo in Langford in partnership with one of his long-time students. He is a loving husband, and father to two boys.

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