Your virtually-there IT department

Virtually Present Tech Support

Augmented reality IT support puts YOU in the driver’s seat

New to Mac Zen in 2020, TeamViewer Pilot changes the game for remote IT support. This cutting-edge augmented reality platform not only allows Mac Zen to provide the most safe and secure remote access, control, and support of all your Apple computers and devices, it also enables you, the user, to collaborate with us to resolve the issues that are causing you frustration throughout your network.

TeamViewer Pilot’s interactive technology uses your iDevice’s camera as the eyes of your Mac Zen expert. You show us what you see, and we can troubleshoot your WiFi router, show you where and how to connect cables, and even walk you through setting up your own equipment. You are in the driver’s seat, while we act as your navigation system.

We can also illustrate directly onto your screen, much like using a whiteboard. We show and tell you the specific actions we need you to take and provide direction in language you understand. You are as much a part of the solution as we are.

Practical uses of our virtually-there support solution:

  • Setting up a new printer
  • Hooking up a backup drive
  • Setting up an Apple TV
  • Resolving internet connection issues
  • Orienting us to your home or business environment
  • Remote support while you travel

How our remote support works:

  • How our remote support works:
  • When you have an issue, please provide us with as many details as you can using this form. If possible, please upload screen shots of anything that may seem significant.
  • We will contact you in a timely manner and gather any missing information we need to assess the situation.
  • We will establish whether we can help you, if we are able to assist right away, or if we need to schedule another time to assist.
  • We will solve the issue you are having.
  • You will cheer and breathe a sigh of relief.
  • While you are waiting for your support from Mac Zen, we welcome you to:

    Download the TeamViewer Pilot software

    Read these brief instructions on Installing and Using Team Viewer Pilot