Trusted Canadian Remote Apple Support

Remote Support

Mac Zen is a premium provider of Mac support in Canada —wherever you are, from wherever we are.

Born from the regular services that we already provide to our local corporate and residential clients, we have extended our reach to offer this support to Mac users across Canada. No matter what your location or Mac issue is, we are available to lend a hand.

Typical remote solutions provided by Mac Zen:

  • Pre-purchase consultation
  • Troubleshooting ongoing issues
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Creating file structures
  • Online personal tutoring
  • Corporate training
  • Productivity support

We trust TeamViewer to provide you secure, easy remote support.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a specialized suite of remote support software specifically designed for IT professionals to provide secure, hassle-free connectivity to clients such as yourselves. Once installed it allows us to connect with you quickly and easily—but always and only with your supervision. No one can ever get in without you explicitly providing access.

That’s why we’ve been using TeamViewer for almost ten years to provide remote support to so many of our customers.

Now with the new With TeamViewer Pilot’s augmented reality platform, we can offer our “Virtually There” support that you have come to enjoy—you show us what you see, and together we get you back up and running.

What is the advantage of remote IT support with Mac Zen & TeamViewer?

It saves precious time. No waiting around for your scheduled window. Our expert technicians don't need to travel to your home or office. We can remotely control, access and support your iMac, MacBook, and iOS devices from our own computers. No need to hand over your hardware to give up unknown days of use – we can solve problems in real time with you in the driver’s seat.

It is incredibly convenient. We can help you no matter where you are, no matter where we are. Perhaps you are out of town - on a working holiday, or at a conference. No more frantic web searches to locate an unknown, unvetted IT support technician in an unfamiliar place. As your trusted Apple IT support partner, we can connect to your MacBook or iOS device and guide you to resolve the issue as though we were right there with you.

It is completely safe. TeamViewer employs an advanced, secure global network to ensure access to your data and devices is granted only to those you permit. TeamViewer data traffic is secured using the same technology that protects your credit card information when you shop online. At every level, TeamViewer encrypts the exchange between device and Mac Zen’s. Every time you run our TeamViewer QuickSupport software a new password is generated, so you can trust that when you allow us access, that’s all you’ll be letting in.

Learn more about TeamViewer’s commitment to secure your data.

We all stay safe. Until we have widespread access to a COVID -19 vaccine, using TeamViewer enables us to keep our safe distance and limit our on-site to the most critical situations. Mac Zen can offer the expert IT support you have come to expect in person but protect us all from potential exposure, allowing helping us to all be calm, be kind, and be safe.

Read more about our COVID-19 protocols.

It might make you feel like a genius. We can now work with you to take action in resolving your concerns using TeamViewer Pilot’s innovative and interactive augmented reality software. Save your trips to your closest Apple Genius Bar to purchase the latest iteration of your favourite device, not to wait in line for a tech to solve your problem behind the scenes. You show us what you are dealing with, and on your screen, we can illustrate actions we need you to take and guide you to connect the dots. By troubleshooting issues with us, you may gain some insight into the inner workings of your network, perhaps equipping you with tools to resolve future issues.