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iPhone Pano Mode

iPhone Pano Mode

Posted by Sol on 2018 May 31st

It’s the summertime and of course that means I’m outside hiking and biking. Or so I claim - there’s no proof except for photographic evidence, right? And there’s no better evidence than a nice big pan … read more

Backing up to RAID

Posted by Sol on 2018 Feb 21st

Most of the time, a single external drive is all you need for simple, effective and easy backup of your important files. With Time Machine and especially the Time Capsule, you can even back up multipl … read more

Backups, Backups, Backups

Posted by Aitan on 2018 Feb 21st

I’ve always been a little excessive when it came to recording information. My first computer was a BBC Model B (yes that BBC), which had 32K and a tape deck to load programs and games. My favourite ga … read more

Apple iCloud's Backup Utility

Posted by Neil on 2018 Feb 21st

You have likely heard the term “the cloud” mentioned quite a lot in the last few year with regards to storing your information. It may seem like a mythical place and you may have wondered how one can … read more

Managing eDocuments.

Posted by Aitan on 2018 Jan 31st

Stop paper at the source. How to manage PDF or digital only statements, bills and invoices.If you’re joining us for the first time, I’ve included a list at the end of links to other articles in this s … read more