Fall in love with your Mac all over again.


One Step Closer to Paperless: Scanner Pro by Readdle

Posted by Aitan on 2017 Sep 30th

All images are made up of pixels. Each pixel captures a colour, and together the pixels come together to make up an image. By the numbers, 8MP on the iPhone 5S (MegaPixels—“mega” means “millions”) is … read more

Getting back to work…at school

Posted by Neil on 2017 Sep 30th

With schools starting up again, the Summer freedom of the nomadic worker, if they are also a parent, tends to take on a bit more structure. I myself experience this so it occurred to me that it might … read more

The Easy Paperless Revolution is Finally Here

Posted by Aitan on 2017 Aug 23rd

On the surface—for the average consumer—printing an email, an e-ticket for a flight, or getting your favourite photos into a frame on the wall is about the only time we use paper in relation to comput … read more

Photo Library Paradise, for $1.30 a month

Posted by Sol on 2017 Aug 10th

Over the past few years, iPods and iPhones have begun to rival high-end cameras for photo quality, letting you take amazing snaps anywhere you go. This is unquestionably awesome — but there is a catch … read more

Travel Tech at Its Finest

Posted by Sol on 2017 May 26th

You may have noticed there was no newsletter last month. As much as I’d love to put the blame on Aitan and Neil for dropping the ball, the truth is I’m mostly to blame — I was halfway across the globe … read more

Getting Savvy with Apple Mail

Posted by Aitan on 2017 May 25th

Though many of us still use Gmail.com or even something like webmail.shaw.ca to check our messages, the default email program on your Mac (and iOS devices) is simply called Mail. It's a great option f … read more