Fall in love with your Mac all over again.


I Love My Keyboard: Object Selection on Macs

Posted by Aitan on 2017 Mar 23rd

Having put the kettle on, Thomas looked at his desktop. “I hate this mess.” His Photos collection was even worse—thousands and thousands of pictures and video—all a disastrous mess.Looking at the note … read more

Making Safe (and Memorable!) Passwords

Posted by Aitan on 2017 Feb 21st

There's a subtle moment of panic and bewilderment on people's faces when I ask what their computer password is. Sometimes it'll roll off the tongue, but all too often an fearful expression descends, a … read more

How and why to buy a Refurbished or Clearance Mac

Posted by Sol on 2016 Dec 16th

If you've gone shopping for a new Mac in the last decade or so, you might've found just how difficult it is to snag a deal. Apple products are very rarely on sale, and their pricing is remarkably cons … read more

Neil's Mobile Work-Spots - Hey Happy

Posted by Neil on 2016 Dec 15th

Hey HappyAnother spot with a connoisseur’s selection of coffees brewed with attention & care, Hey Happy is ready for the mobile worker. A series of tables features power outlets and USB power right at … read more