How to Easily Print Your Photos at London Drugs

Posted by Neil on 2017 Dec 19th

One of the best things about the evolution of technology is that most of us now have a great camera right in our pocket or purse. These allow us to capture fleeting moments in photographs that we might never have before. However, this great technological advancement has also become one of the biggest problems with photography today – We tend to not print photos anymore, but rather only look at them on screens. So, we are capturing more memories but we seem to be viewing, reviewing and cherishing them less. And yet, we love seeing these memories as they connect us to our people and places – They are part of how we “belong” to our lives.

Until we go completely print/paper-free, or every surface of our residences becomes a viewing screen (yikes!), printing photos is still one of the best ways to connect with our photographs. And though many seniors in our lives are getting into using computers, quite often they still appreciate a good photo album or calendar as they think about their families. To this end one great, versatile and accessible way to print your photographs is right under our noses at London Drugs’ Photolab.

The LD Photolab lets you upload photos and request prints in a wide variety of sizes and papers. In addition to standard prints, you can order a wide variety of specialty items which include photo books, calendars, collages, mouse pads, mugs, t-shirts and so on. There are simply too many possibilities to list here. And while you can print photos at home on many printers these days, they still won’t come out with the quality that you’ll get from a proper photo printing process... plus you’re limited to just prints, no other items.

Probably the easiest and most capable way to connect with the London Drugs Photolab is via their website:

Setting up an account and uploading photos is very easy, and turn-around times are typically quite quick. LD Photolab even has an iPhone app you can use to order prints and other items right from your phone! (There’s also an in-store kiosk where you can order photos from an SD card, if you have LOTS to order or your Internet connection is too slow to upload a large number of photo files.) An added bonus of ordering from LD Photolab is that you can pick up your photo order when it’s ready, letting them do the work while you’re doing other household or personal shopping.

We make printing our favourite photos and putting them in an album on a regular habit. We often find our kids flipping through an album and reminiscing about trips, occasions and family members who are far away. Every year we also create photo calendars that we send to friends and family – It’s a great way to feel connected all year.

If you haven’t tried London Drugs’ Photolab, I highly recommend you do. Simply start with that photo that you would set as your iPhone’s wallpaper or your Mac Desktop Background and think about where else in your home or daily life you would like to see it!