How to Simplify Your Mileage Tracking with Our Favourite App

How to Simplify Your Mileage Tracking with Our Favourite App

Posted by Andrea Ting-Luz on 2022 Mar 14th

Perhaps you are familiar with taking a FaceTime call from your driver's seat - pulled over at the side of the road (we hope), or as we often do, parked in an EV charger, making the most of our in-between-client time to juice up the battery.

If you are a business owner who travels frequently between clients, having an automated mileage tracker on your iPhone is an absolute MUST. Our personal favourite is MileIQ - it takes all the tedium and guesswork out of keeping track of your drives, enabling you to free your valuable time and energy for doing what you do best.

Why do you need a mileage tracker?

1. To be reimbursed towards your taxes

Current rates for mileage reimbursement in Canada, set by the CRA, is at .61 cents per kilometer. With gas prices hitting record-breaking highs and likely continuing to climb in reaction to political unrest in the Ukraine, accurately recording and claiming your mileage as an expense on your taxes has never been so necessary to recoup costs.

2. To maintain accuracy of reporting amongst your team

If you have a team who are required to track their mileage, being able to offer them one app that keeps track of their drives consistently will save you (or your bookkeeper) countless hours of time and energy pestering your staff for reports. All the data can be consolidated in one place for your tax purposes and to reimburse them easily.

You can also list your fleet in one account, so you can keep track your team's drives by specific vehicle.

3. To make your life easier

Long gone are the days of making a note of your odometer from the moment you leave your driveway to the moment you arrive at your client's place of business or home, repeated over and over again with each drive until you arrive back to your home office. If you managed to make note of each drive accurately, you then must remember transfer this data by hand to an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet. No one has time for this.

Mileage trackers like MileIQ automate the entire process, and allow you to generate simple reports that you can download or email directly from the app. For more detailed reports defined in Excel, you simply log into your MileIQ Dashboard on your MacBook or iMac.

How does a mileage tracker work?

Using the location services built directly into your iPhone, MileIQ is activated the moment that you are on the move from one place to another. It works in the background to automatically record the mileage from each drive. One of the best things that Aitan noticed about MileIQ is that this app does not drain your battery like other mileage trackers do.

What is required of you?

All you need to do is review the drives in your MileIQ app (as frequently as you conduct your administrative tasks - daily, weekly, monthly) and classify them with a quick swipe (left for personal, right for business). It is really this simple.

The app recognizes when you frequent a certain location, and will offer your the option to auto-classify for future drives. If you want to customize this feature and get really granular, you can name each location (Home, Office, X Business, etc.).

You can also set your working hours, which gives you another option to automate the drives within your specified workdays and hours.

We hope to continue to inspire you to automate tedious tasks and find ways to increase your productivity. What solutions are you looking for to make your Apple devices work for you? Send us a message, and let's see how we can help.

And in case you are wondering, we are not sponsored in any way by MileIQ. We simply want to be your best resource for all things Apple and the brilliant apps that can make your life more efficient and more productive.