27" 500GB | 2012+ iMacSolid state drive upgrade package

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Bring your slow iMac back to life with this Solid State Drive Upgrade package. If your iMac was bought with a slow 1TB SATA drive (How do I know?), your iMac will not run fast enough to keep up with the demands of a modern operating system. Our solution can increase the perfomance of load times by as much as 6-8 times.

This 500GB SSD upgrade package is comprised of a fast 500GB Western Digital Blue SSD, an adapter bracket to mount the drive in the iMac, a thermal sensor and adhesive re-seal kit for the iMac display, and a minimum of 1.5 hours of labour. 

Within our primary travel zone, we will pickup your iMac, clone your data to the new SSD, install the drive, and return to you.

Important Notes:
SSD Data Transfer: If you are using Office 2011, your software will not be able to reactivate after being transferred to the new storage. This is due to Microsoft no longer supporting activations of Office 2011. You will need to subscribe to a current version of Microsoft Office 365 starting at $80/year CAD.

Currently this service is only available in the Greater Victoria area, and areas that incurr travel time according to our zone map. If you’d like us to include this service via shipping from and returning to your location, please email us, and we will assess the situation on a per case basis—you must have a functioning and verifiable backup prior to sending us your machine.

This upgrade is only for iMac owenrs outside of the first year of owning your iMac, or those with AppleCare and are outside the first three years of owning your iMac. This will void your manufacturer warranty. If this type of upgrade is done during either of these periods, Apple will no longer warranty repair any failures, regardless of whether they are related to the SSD or not.