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Professional Hardware Solutions to Augment Your Mac

At Mac Zen we are invested not just in coming to your aid when you encounter something unexpected. We are also invested in making sure that we find proactive solutions to avoid the need for urgent IT support in the near future. As such, we are constantly vetting the most innovative tools and equipment on the market to optimize your Mac experience, and prolong the life of your current system.

We supply – and customize for you - a niche selection of professional hardware solutions for storage, performance, and productivity from the most reputable Mac partners including:

Backup Solutions

Get your computer backed up with our backup drive and remote service package. This is a great way to start working with us remotely. We ship you a 1TB backup drive, show you how to hook it up, and then remotely connect with you to ensure everything is working well.

In addition to having the security and peace of mind that your precious photos, files, and email history are all backed up, you’ll also be primed for easy remote support whenever you need it.


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  • Rear view of aluminum laptop stand. The design is well manufactured and finishing is tight and easy to assemble. Ships in a flat pack.


    Macally Aluminum Laptop Stand

    Raises your laptop screen (by 6"/15 cm) to eye level for improved posture and ergonomics Tilted design (+/-30degrees angle) with raised front edges and non-slip pad to keep your laptop in place High quality and solid aluminium design with bridging...

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