Fall in love with your Mac all over again.

Sol Kauffman

Sol Kauffman

Residential Tutoring

Sol’s passion for Macs began with an iBook in the fifth grade and continued throughout his adolescence and schooling. Over two intense years at Apple’s flagship retail store in Vancouver, Sol mastered Apple’s product line and support strategy before returning to Vancouver Island. Here, Sol spent six more years in back-of-house management, seminars, and training for an independent Mac shop in Victoria, BC.

Sol specializes in calm and patient training and support for both busy professionals, families, and seniors.

Using a “hands-off” teaching method, he emphasizes understanding how and why the computer behaves as it does, to deepen the connection between people and their tools. His freelance experience includes photography, graphic design, and copywriting work, allowing him to consult on a variety of personal and professional projects.

Since joining Mac Zen, Sol has been instrumental in developing and refining the company’s approach to Victoria’s home Apple community.

A man of many talents and drive, Sol also manages the support and marketing team at Kano/Apps, a bootstrapped social gaming startup in Victoria, BC. He enjoys cycling, weightlifting, collecting records and playing the bass guitar in local bands.